4 Reasons you should invest in School Automation Software


4 Reasons you should invest in School Automation SoftwareIs your school up-to-date with the latest technology? Paper works, attendance sheets, piles of files, hours of planning for timetables and heaps of paper – all are outdated, mainly in a school atmosphere. So, what’s new? The answer is advanced school automation software. Managing school activities in this fast growing world is not easy. Isn’t it comfortable for you, if you can get all the data related to your school in just the click of a button?

Innovative tools, apps and software are now available to enhance the functionality of a school business. Not only the school admin, but also the students, teachers, finance department, as well as parents can benefit from this reliable, user-friendly software.

Here are 4 reasons as to why the school management to invest in such a promising software platform.

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1. School admin management made easy – Online data-management programs are designed to save office hours and reduce manual work, resulting in more accuracy and thus better school performance. Web based software can even make the time consuming school admission, student enrollment and billing an easy process.

School management software developed by a professional company is sure to include customized features that can accommodate the data of employees, students, personnel, teaching policies and more. It helps in smooth functioning of the day-to-day school operations. They can also manage the demographic details of students that include their name, date of birth, address and more. With the data updates, management can also analyse and compare performances of different classes. The software will help to reduce the workload, along with improving the business productivity.

2. Teachers get more free time to interact with students – Teachers will also have equal access to this software, like any other. With this advanced software, teachers can efficiently

–  collect and organise attendance, grades, lessons, and results of their students

–  grade easily and document lesson plans

–  find more time to interact with students

–  quickly communicate with the concerned parents

–  remind the students about their homework and assignment

–  mark leave records

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3. Easy interaction between diverse school departments – A web based automated platform can integrate all the departments in a school, ranging from the top management level through the admin and office staff, who needs access to certain data. Comprehensive school automation software can connect each department of the school, leading to better information sharing and easy recovery of information, which of course helps the school management to take any prompt decision.

4. Improved communication between home and school – Improvement in communication with the Email, SMS alert service and an internal messaging system can result in a better educational experience for students. This management software can improve the communication level between the busy parents, teachers and school management. With the reliable features in such a software platform, it is now easy for parents to check their kid’s class schedules, performance grades, progress reports, and work assignments online either from their work or at home. Parents can also let the management know of any change in their address, or transport at ease. Parents can even actively participate in school activities, with this advanced solution.

Another major advantage with the school automation software is that all the information, including the confidential one will be safe within this platform. There’s nothing to worry about the misuse of student data via online. This is also a very secure and private way for the parents to contact their children’s teachers through an easy to use communication tool. Even students can access their timetable, exam results, academic status, school events, holiday lists and details about library books online.

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