3 Ways to Improve Parent Teacher Communication


3 Ways to Improve Parent Teacher CommunicationA positive relationship between parents and teachers is crucial for the academic success of students. Better communication throughout the year will ensure the well being of your kids. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of students may help teachers to adopt different teaching methods to support them in learning activities.

The recent technological innovations such as Parent Communication Portals, Student Information Systems, etc have helped educators to provide improved learning experience for their students. As these student management systems ensure better communication, parents can actively participate in their child’s academic activities.


Here are some ways to ensure a positive parent teacher communication.

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Positive Approach

No matter the kind of profession you are into, but a positive approach can do wonders in your deeds. If you are a teacher, you know the difficulty to handle different problems of students. You may have experience of sending notes to the parents describing their child’s inappropriate behaviour in school.

Truth to be told, it’s a wrong approach from your side. Most of the parents don’t like to read something bad about their children. They are expecting a positive attitude from the educators.

Instead of saying unacceptable behaviour, you could say about the great day their child had at the school. Imagine what a difference it will make with your students if they hear their teacher told the parents that your son/ daughter had helped friends or performed well in class activities.

Keep in mind a positive praise can do wonders in children.

Use Simple Language

Communication becomes effective only if you use simple language. Teachers are infamous for writing in formal style. Be careful when you write something to parents. Try to write in an informal way.

Though most of the parents have degrees, not all of them will be familiar with educational jargon. How unpleasant it would be if parents need the help of a dictionary to understand specific terms.

Therefore, use familiar and short sentences when you communicate. Try different methods of communication and be persistent. Digital solutions like Parent Communication Portals will be helpful to make communication easier and effective as well.

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Make Communication Personal

Most of the teachers discuss problems, when parents drop off or pick up students. This is a common mistake from the part of teachers. Instead of discussing problems you can greet them personally and use this opportunity to set up an appointment to discuss problems.

Communicating with parents at least once during a grading period via email or phone call will make positive results. Try to invite them to the special events in school. This will increase their comfort level.

You can send weekly reports of student activities at school such as homework assignments, test, quizzes and important announcements. This will help you to increase your credibility. You can capture special academic moments at school and email them to the parents describing the story. Software solutions such as Student Information Systems and Parent Communication Portals will help you to send weekly reports in an easier way.

Hopefully these 3 ways will be useful to improve parent teacher communication. Always remember a positive attitude will give you amazing results in the long run.

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