3 Key Roles of School Automation Software in the Education Industry


School Automation software

School Automation Software has grown in popularity in the past decade. Even big companies such as Facebook is active in the space with their own software (basecamp). But, is there any particular reason for this kind of software gain such relevance?

Popular sentiment is that School Automation Software is the best application of technology in education so far.

Here are 3 reasons the software is considered so important to school management these days.

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Error-Free Accounting

Managing accounting is one of the key functional areas in the education industry. Manual labor was employed previously to take care of the same. As it is finance related, errors are unacceptable. With the introduction of automated management software, it became far more easier for school and college managements to keep tab of accounting processes.

The scope for dishonest acts or mishaps are reduced to the bare minimum. All school related expenditure such as fee, salary, event expenses, library expenses, etc can be accounted for efficiently and clearly.

Enhanced Communication With All Parties Involved

Schools have hundreds or maybe thousands of students, and to manage them, lots of information is being sent across everyday. When manually done, such communication might take long periods.

With the introduction of school automation software, messages are sent instantly. For sudden notifications, announcements, parent communication, bus driver communication, etc.. it has been a blessing. Exam alerts, performance reviews, fee status and parent teacher communication has become much improved.

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Parent-teacher communication in particular has been elevated to a new level. Teachers are able to give timely feedback to parents and communicate with them everyday to guide students effectively. With the help of digital attendance, it is possible to note down class attendance as well as school bus attendance.

Even school bus fleets can be managed more efficiently by the school transport manager as he will have better communication with the driver. There are different options for bus drivers and transport managers to communicate with each other and with parents. This also helps in ensuring the safety of school bus travelling students.

Managing Examinations

Examinations are the most important event in any school. All the students need to be evaluated fairly and accurately. If you are a school teacher or happen to know one personally, you know how stressful a period it is.

You would be familiar with large examination halls with examiners monitoring students, and then later collecting answer papers to be evaluated manually. For this to be done, schools needed significant manual resources. But, automation software has helped reduce the number of manual resources required in a school.

As it became easier to manage examinations with a few clicks. So, even institutions with access to limited resources got a better chance to improve their operational efficiency. Nowadays there is fierce competition between schools. If you want to survive, it should be possible to manage the institution efficiently on all fronts.

School Automation Software is here to stay. Facebook getting involved with a version of the software on their own is an acknowledgement to this fact.

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