12 Key Features of Top Student Information Systems


12 Key Features of Top Student Information Systems


As the demand for Student Information Systems have increased, many Student Information Systems Vendors are publishing applications with advanced features. As you know, every application is different and is designed to meet specific purposes. So, firstly you should discuss with your technology managers to analyze what all features are essential for your school. This will help you to pick the right software to manage your school efficiently.



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If you need to know more about Student Information Systems, these 12 key features will help you.

Let’s have a look

1. Cloud Storage

Most Student Information Systems are based on cloud technology. Using cloud technology saves your time and money spent on IT. Depending other software for storing data is somewhat a risk, as it does not ensure back up storage. Security functions and separate hard drive back up are striking features of cloud enabled systems.

2. Student Tracking

There is no use in storing data unless it is examined analytically. As this application records various student activities at school, you can utilize these data for generating quality results. It is notable that some of the applications are good enough to track critical data of students. They are even useful in predicting student behaviour.

3. Admission Management (Managing admissions become easier)

Why use bundles of paper while you can do all the admission procedures in a single database. You can easily access data through a single window system. A good admission management module would be the ideal starting point of any quality Student Information System.

4. Financial Management (offers true accounting functionality)

Quality Student Information Systems help you to manage your account precisely. But, only a few of them provide you true accounting functionality. You have to choose the application wisely according to your requirement. Tracking all the money transactions within the institution help you function efficiently. To be precise, you can outsmart other schools with effective management system software.

5. Flexible Laboratory Management

It’s clear that monitoring the activities in school/college laboratories is time consuming and tiring. You can check the shortage of chemicals and instruments required in the lab at a click. IA system enables you to do so.

6. Quick Evaluation Process

As everyone knows, manual evaluation process involves several paper works and takes more time to declare exam results. With evaluation module, you can organize half yearly exams, annual examinations and other exams more efficiently. You can declare results faster via email or SMS owing to this feature.

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7. Conveyance Management

Transportation becomes more flexible and safer with this module. You can track the route of all the vehicles of your institution precisely in real time.

8. Emergency Alert Feature

An effective student information application should be able to alert students, parents and teachers when there are emergencies and key events. Look for applications which are capable of providing you uninterrupted communication.

9. Effective Library Management

Common Library management module features include Search, Issue, Return books, etc. You can check the present condition of books and fine collected with this application. Moreover you can analyze the reading habits and likeliness of books among students.

10. Faculty Management

Managing your staff is easier with this module. You can communicate with them individually and on a group basis. Problems of your staff members can be addressed systematically.

11. Alumni Data Access

It is usually seen that reputed academic institutions and universities care about managing alumni network. Its because alumni network can make remarkable contributions to their institution. So, look for Student information systems which include features such as membership programs, business exchange, fund raising, alumni social interactions, etc.

12. Performance Reports

It’s important to check every aspect of institutional performance periodically. Accurate performance reports will enable you to work on your limitations and drawbacks. Select applications which offer you key metrics of your institution periodically.

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