11 Top Features of School Automation Software


Nowadays, school authorities are looking for innovative methods to offer the best educational experience to students. In order to provide great academic experience, efficient school management is crucial. As it is not easy to manage school activities manually in this fast growing world, schools are using School Automation Software these days.

Schools can assure safety and progress of students to their parents with effective automation software. But you should choose quality software to meet the needs of your school. There are many vendors offering an overall improvement of your school administration. Certain features of software reveal whether it is reliable or not.


Here are 11 top features of a highly effective School Automation Software which may help you to choose the right vendors.

1. Student Data

Almost all information of students such as grades, homework, discipline, etc can be easily accessed with this module. As the basic information of students is collected on the student database, teachers are able to find their behavioral problems. Besides these data all other details such as medical history, accounts, billing, etc can be accessed via an effective School Automation Software.

If you need to access details regarding a particular student, you can attach School school smart cards with their ID cards.

2. Access for Parents

Now parents can easily track their child’s academic activities via parent portals and mobile apps. It helps them to stay connected with their child and teachers the whole day.

Here are some advantages of Parent Portals

1. Enables parents to participate in their children’s academic activities
2. Inform parents about grades, assignments, PTA meeting, etc.
3. Progress cards and attendance report can be verified without any delay
4. Better communication between parents and teachers enhance student lives in schools

3. Teacher’s Forum

An effective School Automation Software can easily track the activities of teachers in the school. For instance, if you need to know a particular teacher’s class schedule, you can view the data in the teacher’s information module. It also helps teachers to file the details of students and classroom activities in the database.

Teachers can use this as a forum to discuss the student activities in the school. This will help them to work as a team for the progress of students and school as well.

4. Communication Features (Voice Message and E- mail)

Effective communication among parents, teachers and school is important for the successful management of any educational institution.

As you know, it’s time consuming to make phone calls and leaving messages to parents to inform particular events. Here administration software will help you with the innovative Parent portal systems. You can send voice messages and e-mails to a predefined set of parents via Parent portals. Various templates available in the system will remind parents about important days such as cultural day, annual day, etc.

5. Smart Attendance Management

RFID school management systems will help you to record attendance easily and precisely. It’s obvious that marking attendance at each session is time consuming and difficult as well. If you are a teacher, you know the difficulty of managing students and marking attendance accurately simultaneously. Now, marking attendance is just a click away with RFID system. You can share the online attendance pages with parents on a weekly basis.

6. Online Report Cards

Parents ensure the academic progress of students by verifying their report cards. It’s a strenuous task for school authorities and teachers to generate report cards. But generating report cards are no longer a burden with the interactive database available in the school management software.

As the overall performance of students in an academic year is recorded in the database, the system generates online report cards automatically. Parents can access report cards once it is reviewed by teachers.

7. Online Payment and Fee Tracking

Managing financial transactions such as various types of fee collection, preparing bills, etc is not easy without effective software. You can make use of RFID Student Tracking System to manage all the money transactions. This will enable parents to pay their child’s fees from home itself. To be precise, all your transactions will become easier if you allow credit card payment systems.

8. Cloud Services

Cloud-based services offer better security and data management at less cost than that of a local server. In order to maintain local server in the school itself, expert assistance would be needed frequently. This results in spending a hefty additional amount. Instead, if the system is cloud-based, it will be much more effective, risk-free as well as cost effective compared to that of a local server.

An added benefit of cloud-based school automation software is data accessibility from anywhere. All a student or a teacher would require is a login and a password. This can help students who miss class in particular.

9. Library Management

A student can check online regarding the list of books available in the library and most importantly he will be given permission to access a page which will show his library activities in detail.School authorities can manage the complete library activity this way with online logging and fine collection system.

10. Staff Management

Staff Management is indeed one of the most hectic jobs of school administrators. If the essentials of the job is carried over by management software, the task will be easy and precious time can be saved. Their attendance, performance ratings, salary as well as expenses can be tracked down so that there won’t be any confusion later on.

11. Online Course Registration as well as Fee Payment

It is indeed tedious to enroll new students. There is much paperwork involved. However, if school automation software is used, it becomes a far simpler process. Data needs to be entered only once, and it will reflect at all required points.

So, look for all these 11 features to choose the best software vendor to manage your school effectively.

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