11 new Dubai schools face first KHDA (DSIB) inspection. Here is how they fared


11 New Dubai Schools Face First KHDA (DSIB) Inspection. Here is How they Fared8 years has passed since Dubai School Inspections Bureau (DSIB) started their annual school inspection. Facilitated by The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), DSIB has managed to alter the face of the education sector of Dubai. The most important news from this year’s inspection is that 11 new schools managed to fulfill the inspection criteria of DSIB and most of them managed to bag good rating after the inspection.

What would be their success mantra? Upon detail analysis some common traits can be seen in these schools, they are listed below.

 • Students need the opportunity to learn and explore. These schools have successfully managed to create that sort of opportunity which helped students to approach studies in creative way.

• Teachers in these schools do not blindly follow curriculum. Plentiful opportunities were given to them to do research on the subject that they need to teach. Teaching strategies of teachers were also subjected to review as well as alteration.

• Things that students learn in these schools will be related to life.

• Communication between parents, teachers, staffs and the leader of the school are impeccable.

• All the staff and students of the school work in harmony with a single goal in their mind that is the betterment of their school.

• Schools strictly follow the national agenda as well as national agenda parameters.

• Cultural and community collaboration is at its finest in all these top schools.

• Good and visionary leadership.

• Good provisions for SEND students.

These are the 11 new schools inspected by DSIB this year,

Gems FirstPoint School (Rating – GOOD)

Located at The Villa Project Dubai, Gems FirstPoint School opened in the year 2014. With a population of 1412. Gems FirstPoint School has managed to meet all the expectations and criteria of KHDA and has earned a good rating from the first inspection itself. Mr. Stephen Sharples is the head of the school. The school has UK based curriculum.

Kings School Al Barsha (Rating – GOOD)

2014 was the year when Kings School Al Barsha opened for students since then they have managed to make considerable improvement and has now attained good rating from DSIB. Located at Al Barsha the school has Alan Williamson as principal and has a population of 1367. The school has 131 teachers and 46 teaching assistants. Kings School Al Barsha is based on UK curriculum.

Kings School Nad Al Sheba (Rating – GOOD)

Kings School Nad Al Sheba opened in the year 2014 with Daren Gale as principal. The school has UK based curriculum. Kings School Nad Al Sheba has 34 teachers and 14 teaching assistants to help students. Strength of the school is 288.

Nord Anglia International School (Rating – GOOD)

Located at Al Barsha, Nord Anglia International School has around 1365 students. The school is headed by Mr. Matthew Farthing and has UK based curriculum. Nord Anglia International School has around 130 teaching staffs and 77 teaching assistants to assist the students.

Sunmarke School (Rating – GOOD)

Sunmarke School is relatively new compared to others in the list. The school opened in the year 2016 and within this short span of time Sunmarke School has managed to accommodate 727 students. Keith Miller is the head of the school and this well-equipped school has around 90 teaching staff and 9 teaching assistants. The school follows UK based curriculum.

Capital School (Rating – ACCEPTABLE)

Capital School was opened to the public in the year 2014. Within 3 years, the school has managed to improve considerably and now has around 858 students. William Johnston is the head of the school. The school follows UK based curriculum and there are around 44 teaching staff and 31 teaching assistants in this school. Location of Capital School is at Al Qusais.

Safa Community School (Rating – GOOD)

Located at Al Ferjan, Safa Community School has around 754 students strength. Syllabus of the school has been constructed with UK based curriculum. There are around 66 teachers as well as 33 teaching assistants in the school. Stephen Duckitt is the Principal of the school. Safa Community School opened in the year 2014.

Credence High School (Rating – ACCEPTABLE)

Like most of newly DSIB inspected schools Credence High School also opened in the year 2014 and has managed to do well till now. Located at Al Quoz, Dubai. The school has 596 students and has CBSE curriculum. There are around 78 teachers, 20 teaching assistants in Credence High School. Deepika Thapar Singh is the principal.

GEMS Metropole School (Rating – ACCEPTABLE)

Among the new schools that got inspected, GEMS Metropole School is the largest in terms of student population. 2567 students are studying in this school and around 170 teachers and 53 teaching assistants are there to take care of them. Opened in 2014 GEMS Metropole School has UK/MoE based curriculum. Mr. Anthony Cashin is the principal.

Ontario International Canadian School (Rating – ACCEPTABLE)

Ontario International Canadian School opened in the year 2014 and has a strength of 238 students. The school has around 31 teachers and 7 teaching assistants. Ontario International Canadian School has Ontario based curriculum. Location of the school is Mirdif. Algeria St. John Briggs is the head teacher.

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