• How a teacher can see his / her feedback?

Click on the login button after entering the official e-mail id on the log in page.

After log in, you are directed to the homepage :

You can go to modules either by selecting them on the side bar or by clicking on the module tiles on the homepage. After log in, you are directed to the homepage with the tools:



My Feedback tab-

A teacher can view his/her feedback by clicking on “my feedback” tile .Once you click on “my feedback” tab, this page will be displayed.


Once you click on the “view” button against the evaluator having “submit” status ,you will be directed to this page.

On this page, general information will be displayed . Then, you have to click on “continue” button.


On this page, by clicking on the view button we can see the evaluation done on evaluatee. If the Evaluatee is satisfied, she/he can change the status by clicking on “Acknowledge” button, if he/she is not satisfied by the evaluation, he/ she can seek clarification from the evaluator by pressing “seek clarification” button.


On pressing “Seek Clarification” button, the form goes back for a second round of evaluation to the teacher. The evaluatee teacher is required to type in the feedback as to why she/he is seeking clarification.  


On pressing “Acknowledge” button, no changes can be done to the form and it is treated as closed.






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