• How to create and view a form?

 After entering the office email id (e.g.: AIS02345@apple.sch.ae) and password for login, click on the login button .

Bring your cursor to “forms”, you can see the drop list with create, view and archive. You can go to “forms” either by selecting “forms” on the side bar or by clicking on the “forms” tile on the homepage.

To assign some evaluation to teachers we first create form. Click on the “forms” tab on the homepage, you will be directed to this page. It consists of one tab:

  Step 1)  –  View




View tab

To View a Form which has been created.

a.)   Click on View tab. Then you will be directed to this page. In this page, we will be able to see the form preview as well as we can edit the forms.




We can search our form through the search text box given below the title bar by typing in the form name, evaluator or evaluate name or category or by status. We can preview our forms by clicking on the green preview button under the “preview” heading. We can choose the number of records we want to see at a time on the screen through the drop-down list against the “records” label. We can select the states of the form under the “states” heading:

Active: In this state, the form can’t be edited as it is already been assigned to the teacher.

Inactive: In this state, the form can be edited by clicking on the edit option as shown in the above screenshot

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