• How to create a form?

  Go to www.techsprout.com.  

 (copy the above link and paste it in browser. You will be directed to the login page)

 Click on the login button after entering the office email id (e.g.: AIS02345@apple.sch.ae) and password for login.

After you log in, you are directed to the homepage. On the homepage you can see six tools: Forms, evaluation, targets, analytics, uploads, downloads,settings.a

On the homepage you have six icons on the side bar of the screen as home, evaluations, forms, targets, analytics and settings. Bring your cursor to “forms”, you can see the drop list with create, view and archive. You can go to “forms” either by selecting “forms” on the side bar or by clicking on the “forms” tile on the homepage.b

To assign some evaluation to teachers we first create form. Click on the “forms” tab on the homepage, you will be directed to this page. It consists of two tabs:

 3.1 Create

 3.2 Viewc

Click on “Create” tab. Now you will be directed to this page . (This will be used to create a form) The creation of form is divided into three part: –

a)  General Information

b) Section Information

c) Questions

d                                                                                                               e

a) General Information –

This is the first part of creating a form. User has to provide details against the text box and check box given as depicted in the above image.

Title: provide a title of the form.

Description: provide the description for the form such as science, measuring criteria etc.

Category: in class observation.

In class observation, will be done in the class itself at the time of teaching.

Grading scheme: select a grading system from the drop list. The grading schemes can be created in “settings” by supervisor.

Other settings: you can choose one or more options against the checkbox.

School access only: If we will select “school access only” against the check box, only school will be able to access it.

All questions mandatory: If we will select this option against the check box, the evaluatee has to attempt all the questions.

Arrange options horizontally: If we will select this option against the check box, the options will be arranged horizontally.

Require feedback after every question: After every question , evaluatee feedback will be asked.


b) Section Information)–

After filling all the details and clicking on continue will take you to this page. In this part, we will be adding number of sections so that the question could be assigned to a section.

number of sections: A drop down list will appear, you can choose the number of section you want in your form. If you choose more than one section, you must enter the name of the section against the text box.f 

Add questions –

 After clicking on continue, you will be navigated to “evaluation form set up “ page which is been highlighted. In this page, we will be adding question as well as the choices related to a question. We must assign some weight to a question as well as the values for the choices.


 Question title: give title to the question.

Question description: write the question.

Question type: you can choose the type of the question like

Single select, multi select, rating and text.

If you choose single select or multi select you must give question weight and options for the question. For every option, you are adding you have to give value to the option.  you can add more option by clicking on “+” button. Every question has a “question weight” and every choices given also have “weight”. For e.g.: if we choose single select and suppose, question 1 value comprises 40% and the choices given are

a)       option – (value-5)

b)      option – (value-4)

c)       option – (value-3)

d)      option – (value-2)

Here, the maximum choice weight is – 5

The user chooses the choice(b) which have weight – 4

So, Result of first question choice = 4/5=0.8 i.e. 80%

Suppose we have question 2, question 2 value comprises 60% in this section and choices given are

a) option – (value-1)

b) option – (value-2)

c) option – (value-3)

d) option – (value-4)

Here the maximum choice weight is = 4

The user chooses which have weight = 3

Result of second question= (3/4 = 0.75)

Result of first section

= 0.8*0.4 + 0.75*0.6

= 0.77 i.e. 77%

Rating: If the user chooses, “rating “from the drop-down list, user has to adjust the score on the sliding bar.

Text: If the user chooses “text”, from the drop-down list, user has to fill the text box for answer.

h you can give “NA” option against the check box given.

You can add more questions by clicking on “add questions” button given at the left side bottom of the form. You can remove the question by clicking on the “remove question” button at the right side top corner of the form.

Now after filling all the details and clicking on submit will create a form.

3.2) View tab: –

To View a Form which has been created.

a.)          Click on forms tab. A page will open with two tabs 1.) create 2.) view

b.)         Click on View tab. Then you will be directed to this page.

In this page, we will be able to see the form preview as well as we can edit the forms.


We can search our form through the search text box given below the title bar.

We can preview our forms by clicking on the green preview button under the “preview” heading.

We can choose the number of records we want to see at a time on the screen through the drop-down list against the “records” label.

We can select the states of the form under the “states” heading:

Active: In this state, the form can’t be edited as it is already been assigned to the teacher.

Inactive: In this state, the form can be edited by clicking on the edit option as shown in the above screenshot