• How to assign targets to teachers?

Click on the login button after entering the office email id (e.g.: AIS02345@apple.sch.ae) and password for login.Slecting “targets” on the side bar or by clicking on the “forms” tile on the homepage.we can assign some targets to a teacher on a particular form or multiple form with a deadline to complete.

The Targets has 2 parts:

STEP 1)      Assign

This tab is used to assign targets to teacher/teachers.

We can choose the month from the drop list against the “select month” label.

We can assign the targets to the teachers in the text box i.e. the number of evaluation form has to be evaluated in that particular month.

Then click on the “submit” button at end of the page.




This tab is used to show the preview of targets assigned to a teacher on particular form with the targeted month. We can see how much % they have completed.

We can also delete the target assigned by clicking on “delete” link.

We can search the form through “search” textbox by typing employee id , name,  and year.







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