• How to assign evaluation to teachers?

Click on the login button after entering the office email id (e.g.: AIS02345@apple.sch.ae) and password for login. 

Bring your cursor to “Evaluations”, you can see the drop list with create, view and archive. You can go to “Evaluations” either by selecting “Evaluations” on the side bar or by clicking on the “Evaluations” tile on the homepage.


After the form has been created now we will assign evaluation to a form. Clicking on Evaluation Tab will take you to this page.

This page consists of three tabs: –

4.1) Assign

4.2) Review

4.3) Archived


Assign Tab: – 

When we want to assign the evaluation to a form we have to click on Assign Tab.

It is divided into three parts: –

STEP 1) Select Form

Here, we have to select a form which we want to assign for the evaluation against “form” label through drop down list. Then click on “continue” button, you will be directed to the next page


STEP 2) Select Evaluator

Here, we have to assign the evaluator from the drop list required for evaluation.


STEP 3) Select Evaluatee

Here we have to assign the evaluatee required for evaluation. Evaluator will evaluate the assigned evaluatee. Then click on the “continue” button. Evaluator and evaluate cannot be same.


STEP 4) Other Settings 

Here we have to assign the Scheduled date and the Last date to complete the Evaluation.

Evaluator settings- evaluator has to choose the option against the textbox.

a) Peer- Peer evaluation will be done by the peer but evaluation will be in informed prior via e-mail.

b) Surprise- In surprise evaluation, teacher will not be informed prior.

c) Mentor Evaluation – Done by a supervisor or principal.

Then click on “submit” button, you will be directed to the homepage.


  • How to review the evaluation assigned by the supervisor?


Click on  “Evaluations” then, click on “review” tab, we can preview all the evaluation which we have assigned and we can evaluate the evaluatee. 


a) We can search the evaluation form by “search” textbox. User can search by typing in the form name, evaluator or evaluate name or category or by status.


under the “action” heading in the list against the “evaluation forms”.Supervisor can View an assigned Evaluation by clicking on “View” button.evaluate form by clicking on “evaluate” button having “ongoing” status. supervisor also has capability to conduct an Evaluation, which may be assigned to any other teacher by clicking on Evaluate.)


Supervisor can also conduct an Evaluation, which may be assigned to any other teacher by clicking on “Evaluate Button”. ‘To understand how to conduct an evaluation click here ‘.


Supervisor can send reminder emails to evaluator for evaluating the form.



This tab is used to show the archived evaluation. We can view the evaluation by clicking on the “view” button.

The older evaluations can be archived and can be viewed using “view” button. Archived evaluations are not included in analytics.



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