Automate your school with enterprise class ERP

HR, Payroll, biometric, Accounting & Purchase, Fee management, online payments and more

Track everything, with Intelligent reports & dashboards

SCODOO ERP: Salient features

School Fee management

Fully automatic fee invoicing and collections. Define Fee heads, manage discounts, generate monthly, quarterly, termly or annual fee invoices in bulk. Send fee reminders and track outstandings. Automatic Sync with Accounts module.

Student Enrollment: Paperless & Cashless

Increase student enrollment through fully electronic admissions process. Customized admissions workflow, Automatic invoicing, Integrated with online payment gateway. Improve communication through automated responses, mutliple forms at different stages

Accounts & Finance

Define Chart of Accounts, Make transactions, approval workflows, Manage School Income and Payments, Track Cheque processing, Define, track and control School budgets.

Purchase & Asset Management

Create Purchase Orders, Configure approvals, Maintain supplier masters, Track delivery and payments. Assign assets to units or employees.

School Library Management

Create School library Cards, Define Book limits, Issue and return books, integrate with bar code readers and more. Manage multiple libraries within a schools.

School Stores and Sales

Manage Inventory, Point-of-Sale Solutions, Inventory Management, Ware-housing and stocking, School Supplies Management

Automated Payroll

Define Salary structures, Automated payroll with Salary Slips. Employee Loan management. Full integration with attendance & leave modules

Staff records, Leaves & attendance, Biometric

Maitain staff records. Define leave types, leave approvals. Capture employee attendance, define shifts, send alerts for late coming and early leaving. Integrate with biometric devices

Employee expense workflow

Drafting & Confirmation of expense by employee, Validation by his manager and then Validation & entries school accountant.

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