• Abhilash Rao
    Abhilash Rao Founder & CEO

    Former Juggler, presently seeking “insights”, aspiring for nirvana – with or without AI. Finds meaning in problems worth solving. Hopes to create an amazing EducationZen.com

  • Anushree
    Anushree VP, Product
  • R.MalarMukilan
    R.MalarMukilan Senior VBA Developer
  • deepak santhan
    deepak santhan HR Manager
  • Moorthi S
    Moorthi S Executive, Wordpress & SEO
  • Nayana K
    Nayana K Assistant Manager, Marketing
  • Shreyansh Kumar
    Shreyansh Kumar Senior Python Developer
  • Ayush Kumar
    Ayush Kumar Python Developer
  • Nikitha R
    Nikitha R Python Developer
  • Akansha Saxena
    Akansha Saxena Testing Engineer
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