Search for answers to common questions asked by teachers on KOAN 4.1

 Can I edit a question created by another Teacher ? Yes, you can first clone the question created by another teacher and then edit it.

Can I edit my assessment after I have assigned it to a Student Group? Yes, you can clone the assessment and then edit it.

How can I use an assessment created by my co-teacher? – Ask your admin to share your co-teacher’s assessment with you.

Can I create an assessment using questions created by other teachers? – Yes, you can search and add them from the search table in the Create Quiz page.

My assignment lock code/password may have leaked out. How can I reset it? – You can reset the password by updating the code.

Search for answers to common questions asked by students on KOAN 4.1

Do I have to be connected to the Internet to take an assessment? – No, as long as the assessment shows on your Home Page you can attempt it.

How do I ensure my scores are submitted if I took the assessment offline? – Ensure that the assessment you completed is no longer shown on your Home Page.

How do I ensure I am part of my class group? – Goto Groups on web login and click on View Group and ensure your group is listed there

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