• How do I search a question?

On the home page click on the ‘Questions’ tile and then click on ‘Search Question’ tile.


You will now be redirected to a page with a list of questions.


You can enter your keyword in ‘My search’ to search for specific question(s).

Alternatively, you can click on ‘Advanced Search’ button to enter specific fields such as topic/subtopic, blooms taxonomy etc to refine your search.




  • How do I view/edit or delete questions created by me?

On the home page click on the ‘Questions’ tile and then click on ‘Search Question’ tile. Now to see the questions created by you click on ‘Show my questions’ button on the top left corner.


You can view question created by others by clicking on the “question title” itself.

You can now either view the question created by you by clicking on the question itself, edit the question by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button or delete it permanently by clicking on the ‘Delete’ button. Additionally, you can also make your question public to others by clicking on the ‘Public’ button.

To see all the questions again click on the button, which now says “Show all questions”.

Note: The little lock symbol that appears next to some of the questions indicate that the question has been used in some assessment and cannot be edited or deleted it can only be archived by the admin.

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