• How can a Student access ‘Koan’ app for Completing the Assessments.

Click on Koan application .Login with the official student’s id(AIS-02720@apple.sch.ae).



Once you will login,student can see the list of Assessment need to be taken.




Click on “Start” button to start with the Assessment.


On the Assessment page, to start with the assessment ,student has to give Assessment code and then

click on “Start” button.


Attempt the questions in the Assessments. For answers text boxes has been provided.


Click on “Previous” button to go to the previous question and click on “next” button to go to the next question. After completing the Assessment ,click on “Submit” button.

Student can logout by clicking on student’s name, dropdown will appear with logout label.


Click on “Log out” label to logout.

If the student submits the Assessment when the iPAD is not connected to the internet, the Assessment page will show ‘Finished’ but student will not be able to launch it again.

Once iPAD is connected to internet then it will be synced automatically and the Assessment will no longer appear on the screen. The Assessment will be automatically submitted.

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