• How to add marks manually?

    Click on “Grades ” tile. On this page , we can see “Add Marks” and “View Gradebook”. Click on “Add Marks” tile.

Once you click  on “add marks” ,page with title “grade” will be displayed with three navigation steps.


On this page:

  1. Assessment title :User need to give assessment title.
  2. Assessment description:User need to give brief assessment description.
  3. Assessment Date: User need to choose date chosen for the assessment.
  4. Student Group: User need to click on the drop down list and choose the group name.
  5. Subject : User need to choose subject from the drop down.

Topic: User need to select topic of that particular subject, can choose more than one topic.

Click on “continue” button.

After clicking on “continue” button, User has to enter maximum marks in the text box given. Click on “continue” button.

Once you click on “continue” button . User can enter marks manually in the textbox given and enter the “submit” button.

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