• How do I create class users?

KOAN allows you to upload a CSV file with all the student and teacher details. This file is then read and a user login is auto-created for every student and teacher using their school login ids.

Click on ” Download CSV Template” button to download the template.CSV template will be downloaded in excel format .

Once the CSV template is downloaded, enter the details under the respective headings.

After completing the template, click on “choose file” button. Choose the CSV template .Click on “open” button to upload the file.

Once the file is uploaded ,user can change or remove the file by clicking on “change” or “remove” button respectively.

Click on ‘Submit’ button to upload the ‘CSV’ file.

After uploading the CSV the content is displayed in a table and can be edited, more students can be added using “Add New” button, Group name and description can be specified.

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